About us

Roshak Baft Company

We, the shareholders, managers, staff and scientists of Roshak Baft Company, together have chosen the following values to create and create a better future for the creation of a leading company.

  • Continuous development by relying on creativity and innovation in all organizational dimensions in order to achieve a successful and constantly growing competitive company and continuous excellence with added value.

  • Promoting organizational vitality by emphasizing on promoting the motivation and dignity of human capital, creating a healthy, safe work environment, full of respect, trust and confidence and away from any discrimination, for the proper expression of organizational talents and improving their capabilities, especially by establishing a An efficient meritocracy system.

  • Customer-centeredness by focusing on live and reciprocal interactions in order to create more customer satisfaction by improving the quality of services, producing more diverse products, reasonable prices, timely delivery and increasing the company’s credibility with them.